Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch May Launch Today

A rumor has been going around that claims Apple is set to launch a new version of the MacBook Pro today. According to the rumor, the machine will be a 16-inch MacBook Pro. There are no further details about the design of the new Mac with the rumor of a launch today.

What is known from past leaks is that the 16-inch machine will put the larger screen into a chassis about the size of the 15-inch model available now. The machine is also said to shed the unreliable butterfly keyboard that has given users so many problems.


The leak source claims that the new MacBook Pro would cost about the same as the outgoing model and would be available this week. The rumor brings no details of an upgrade for the smaller 13-inch MBP. It was refreshed in July, and it would be a bit soon for another refresh reports Engadget.

Another Apple rumor making the rounds recently claimed that Apple would ship the redesigned Mac Pro in December. New Mac gear tends to get Apple fans all excited; we should know today if there is any truth to the rumor.