Apple Lisa OS to go Open source in 2018

Back in the early ’80s Apple spent boatloads of money developing the Lisa computer, which flopped. The follow-up to that Lisa rig was the Macintosh, which was a smashing success for Apple. The Computer History Museum has announced that it will be releasing the entire OS from that Lisa computer for enthusiasts to play with reports Fortune.

The OS is said to be at Apple right now with any non-approved content being removed ahead of it going open sources. The code that will be released was recovered from old disks and word is the only thing that might not make the cut after Apple goes over it is a copy of the dictionary for the word processing software.

It’s not clear exactly when the OS will launch, all we know now is that it will happen sometime in 2018. The Lisa computer was named after Steve Jobs’ oldest daughter according to what Jobs told Walter Isaacson while being interviewed for his biography.

It’s not clear what fans might get up to with the software once it launches, but it’s cool that Apple is willing to let the code into the world as open source. Perhaps someone will build something cool with it. If you are wondering, that Lisa computer sold for nearly $10,000 back in 1983 when it launched so the price was the biggest reason it failed.