Apple Donates Over 10 Million N95 Masks To Healthcare Providers

Apple has taken the time to brag about its ability to secure over 10 million N95 masks in the United States and millions of additional masks in Europe. The masks isn’t a massive stockpile, rather it’s donating supplies to healthcare workers who are working with COVID-19 patients. Apple says that its ops team is working to find and purchase masks from Apple’s supply chain.

Tim Cook announced last weekend that Apple was looking to donate supplies to help the fight against coronavirus and the disease it leads to. Apple is also working with governments worldwide on securing more supplies that are needed reports Macrumors.

It’s unclear how the Apple supply chain is able to find so many masks when there’s been such reported shortages around the world. Presumably, some industries use them to protect workers from particles that could hurt their health. Reports have been going around that healthcare workers are working without adequate protection due to supply issues.

Many industries that have shut down our working to come back online in an effort to build medical supplies and ventilators to help fight the outbreak. Check out the tweet above from Tim Cook for more details on what Apple is trying to do.