Apple Cuts Prices on MacBook Air and Mac Mini SSD Upgrades

Mac fans on the market for a new laptop or desktop might want to check out some price cuts that Apple has made to its MacBook Air and Mac mini SSD upgrades. Prices for upgrades for a Mac are steep, but the blow has been softened a bit with an upgrade to a 1.5TB SSD on the base model Air now $100 less than before.

That doesn’t mean the SSD upgrades are cheap, if you want more than 256GB of SSD storage on the base Air, you will need to cough up another $200. That price gets you 512GB of SSD storage. The 1.5TB option will set you back $1,100 on the base machine, which is $100 off reports Macrumors.

On higher-end MacBook Air notebooks, the 1.5TB SSD option is $900, a $100 discount. The other SSD option is 512GB at an additional $200. On the Mac mini front, moving up to a 2TB SSD on the entry-level rig will cost you $200 less at $1,400. The same 2TB SSD on high-end Mac Minis will set you back $1,200 for the same $200 discount.

Mac Pro buyers will also note a price reduction on moving from 16GB to 64GB of RAM. That upgrade is now $800, down from $1,200. Pricing on upgrades for Mac computers is still insanely high. Apple builds its machines so that you can’t upgrade them yourself as you can on most Windows machines.