Apex Legends Leak Hints At Arena Game Mode

A dataminer called Shrugtal has ferreted out some details of a coming game mode for Apex Legends. According to the information, developer Respawn is currently working on a new “Arena” game mode added to the game. The information the dataminer discovered showed UI slots on the main Play menu for a new Arena mode.

For now, it’s a mystery what exactly the Arena mode will feature and that it might arrive. Shrugtal speculates that the developer plans to incorporate the newly added Flashpoint LTM healing mechanic into a smaller arena-sized squads mode.

The feature would give players a place to train for more competitive matches and provide an alternative to the traditional gameplay. The new code was added to the game in the 6.1 patch. Other speculation suggests that perhaps the Skull Town map will come back.

What exactly will happen is a mystery at this point, but with the menu code in the update, it would seem that the new mode may be coming soon. It remains to be seen when or if the update lands.