Antec Vcool Expansion slot VGA cooler


The Antec VCool

Antec VCool

Heat buildup in a computer system is something that can lead to
system instability and hinder ones overclocking experiences. Although
this is bad, it is preventable for those who want to keep their
computer running as cool as possible. With the GPU on a video
card often running hotter than many Intel Prescott processors it is
easy to see why one leading heat producing components in a computer is
the video
card. Since video cards tend to cool themselves with
re-circulated case air the stock cooling on the video card usually
makes warm air only hotter. For years many companies have offered PCI
Slot coolers to help tame the heat produced by devices on the lower
half of your system, but they always proved to be cheap sub $10 fans
that burnt up and started making noise in a matter of weeks.
Antec contacted LR and wanted us to take a look at an updated PCI Slot
cooler that was “better” than anything that we have looked at.
Being that it is in the middle of summer in sunny Las Vegas we figured
it was only fair to put the new Antec Vcool multi-speed VGA cooler to
the test.

Antec has recently put a ton of effort in updating their system cooling product line. By
looking at their 2005 line of products, it should be obvious that
cooling the interior components has become a major focus of Antec’s
engineering staff as almost everything has been updated. Today LR will take a short look at their newest
invention, the Antec VCool.

Product Features:

  • Provides fresh cool air to your VGA card, keeping it cooler and
    maximizing its life
  • 3-speed switch lets you balance quiet performance with
    maximum cooling
  • Fits in 2 expansion slots
  • Blue LED illumination included

Vcool bottom view

Now that we know what the Antec Vcool is let’s, take a closer look and check performance numbers.

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