Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Coming to Android and iOS

Nintendo has announced that another of its popular first-party games is coming to mobile platforms. The game is called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The game will reportedly be a streamlined version of the current installment of the franchise available on Nintendo consoles. The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a community simulation franchise and allows gamers to decorate their camp and befriend different animals.

Those new animal friends can be hosted at the player’s campsite. The game also has crafting elements. The trailer for the game trailer hints at changing seasons or campsites inspired by each of the four seasons. The game will be free-to-play with in-app purchases that are options.

We have no idea at this point if the app will be fully unlockable without buying anything. Super Mario Run was free-to-play for a certain number of levels and then players had to purchase the game to unlock other levels, so Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp could have a similar setup.

However, neither Pokemon Go or Fire Emblem Heroes have in-app purchase blocks to prevent players from completing the games. The game is set to launch in late November and will land on iOS and Android at the same time. This game has already been delayed a couple times originally expected in spring of 2016 reports Android Headlines.