Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers Are Talking About Missing Characters

While the new video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold very well and most fans very happy with the game and the gameplay, some are lamenting missing features that are traditionally in these games. Nintendo heard those complaints and assured players that the game would be updated in the long term, whatever that means.

One of the missing traditional characters in the Animal Crossing games is called Brewster. He was a character that served coffee and doled out facts for players to partake. Recently villagers have started talking about Brewster reports Polygon. A clip showing a villager mentioning Brewster has surfaced along with reference to a museum café.

The assumption is that Brewster would man that café. Previously, data miners reported that there was in-game code that included a reference to a museum café. Another clip going around that shows a villager discussing paintings in the games museum, something not currently possible. Some think that might be an art DLC.

Assuming both of the clips are legitimate, it would seem that some new additions that fans were missing from past titles are going to return. One character that is coming for sure is Leif the sloth.