Analyst Thinks Apple’s Move To ARM Processors Will Save Big Time On CPU Cost

Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Apple would launch a new MacBook using an ARM processor as early as Q4 of 2020. The analyst has also predicted that even more Mac computers will transition to ARM processors in 2021 and beyond, including Apple desktop machines. He says that the computer builder is aggressively transitioning away from its current processors.

The change from Intel parts to ARM processors will save Apple on processor costs significantly. Kuo says that the price Apple pays for CPUs could fall by 40 to 60 percent after switching away from Intel. The price of the processor is a significant consideration for maintaining the price point of lower-cost machines such as the MacBook Air.

Kuo believes that Apple will also move from the Intel chipset that currently acts as the USB controller for the Intel chipset. He believes that Apple will turn to ASMedia to be the sole USB controller supplier for the ARM Mac computers.

The prediction is that for this year, and 2021, Apple will continue to support USB 3.1 speeds. Starting in 2022, ASMedia would supply USB 4 controllers for more performance. The analyst believes that the change to ARM processors will help increase Apple sales significantly reports 9to5Mac.