Analyst Says CoD: IIII Blackout Mode Could Crush Fortnite

The Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Blackout mode PS4 beta kicked off yesterday and was insanely popular. Feedback on the game was so good that an investment firm called Benchmark is already predicting the game could mean the end of Fortnite’s reign as the top battle royale game. Benchmark says that the feedback on Blackout mode was extremely positive.

Analyst Mike Hickey said that the beta far exceeded expectations that popular Twitch streamers were gushing about the fun and quality of the mode in beta form. Many subscribers on Twitch were calling Blackout a Fortnite killer already reports CNBC.

With the popularity of the beta mode and the buzz it created, shares in Activision Blizzard closed up 7% last night. Hickey says that Blackout will thrive against Fortnite and has the possibility to be a massive money maker to the tune of $500 million in annual incremental sales.

“We believe Blackout will be a potentially massive hit,” Hickey said. “We believe the game will migrate investor focus from the Fortnite led BR competitive threat to the opportunity for BR in driving meaningful growth.”