Analyst Says 2021 iPhone will Ditch Charging Plug

There are some features of new smartphones that you don’t realize you want and can’t live without until you try it. Case in point is wireless charging. If you have never used a wireless charger, using a cable isn’t a big deal, but once you go to wireless charging, it’s hard to go back to cords.

Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued an investor note that claims Apple will eliminate the charging port on its iPhone by 2021. Rather than offering the lightning port for charging, the device will rely completely on wireless charging tech according to the report.

This will mean that iPhone users in 2021, assuming the rumor is true, would need a wireless charger inside their cars too. Kuo says that Apple wants to give users a completely wireless experience reports CNBC.

Apple has been long predicted to eliminate the lightning port on its iPhone. Past rumors suggested it would be eliminated in favor of a USB-C port.