AMD Shows off Epyc Processor Aimed At Datacenter Market & More

AMD’s Financial Analyst Day is currently taking place this afternoon and Dr. Lisa Su, AMD President and Chief Executive Officer, is explaining what she is doing to expand margin and revenue growth to keep the company profitable. 

AMD Market Focus

About 99% of AMD’s revenue in 2016 came from the PC and Immersive markets. By 2020 the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for those two segments will make up roughly $43 billion, but AMD sees growth opportunities in the data center come 2017 and beyond as that market is roughly $21 billion. AMD is more excited Naples will do in the new datacenter era as it is first Zen based CPU aimed at the datacenter with 45% more cores, 122%  greater memory bandwidth and 60% more I/O bandwidth.


AMD ‘Naples’ processors will come to market under the brand EPYC and Dr. Lisa Su held up one of those new AMD EPYC Processors during the analyst day.

AMD EPYC scalability

It’s a fairly big processor, but thanks to infinity fabric it has near perfect scalability when going up cores and sockets.

About 99% of AMD’s revenue in 2016 came from the PC and Immersive markets and they have captured a good portion of that with the Polaris GPU and Ryzen CPU product offerings.

AMD PC Growth

How does AMD plan on growing in the PC market segment? This is a~$30 billion market and AMD believes that the new Ryzen desktop and upcoming Ryzen mobile processors will help growth.

When it comes to the immersive market growth it looks like AMD sees that the upcoming VEGA GPUs will help in the premium and professional markets. They plan on focusing on being the leaders in GPU architecture, performance, performance-per-watt and software.

AMD 2016 Accomplishments

With the past accomplishments and upcoming product launches, AMD believes that they can grow double digits annually for the next 3-4 years.

Will AMD Ryzen, Radeon VEGA and EPYC be able to drive that desired growth? Time will tell, but that is what AMD is telling analysts today!

AMD Ryzen Vega Epyc