AMD Shows Off DockPort In New YouTube Video

AMD DockPort

We’ve been hearing about AMD DockPort (originally called Lightning Bolt) since 2012 and it looks like AMD’s low-cost alternative to Thunderbolt is getting closer to being an actual product that you can run out and purchase. DockPort was adopted as an official DisplayPort standard extension by VESA at CES 2014 and the standard is to be finalized in Q2 2014. VESA describes DockPort as an emerging technology that enables high-speed USB 3.0 data over the existing DisplayPort connector. Originally developed by AMD, Texas Instruments, and other VESA member companies, the DockPort extension will allow notebooks, tablets and other small form factor computers to aggregate the display, data and power interfaces into a single convenient connector. The thought of being able to push high-resolution video to an external displays, quickly transfer file with an external storage device and being able to power the battery in the device all at the same time with one cable on the device almost sounds too good to be true.

“AMD’s versatile DockPort connection opens up a world of possibilities, like a portable hub where you can charge, transform, accessorize and otherwise connect your device in an all-in-one solution, reducing cable clutter and bringing data and display connectivity to your notebook or tablet via a single, DockPort supported DisplayPort link.” – AMD

AMD has published a new video clip on YouTube that shows off the capabilities of the DockPort connection standard that is certainly worth a look.