AMD Radeon Software Crimson Driver Hotfix Coming Tomorrow For Fan Fix



AMD’s brand new Radeon Software Crimson Edition Drivers appear to have a somewhat major bug where the video cards fan is locked at 20% and it doesn’t matter what state the card is in. We poked around and found a number of gamers on Reddit that are having fan speed issues after installing the new Crimson Edition drivers. The big issue is that gamers aren’t aware of the issue and only find out about the issue when performance drastically drops or worse yet the system crashes. It seems some folks got unlucky and have had their GPU die in the process according to posts on Reddit. If you are running AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Drivers we suggest taking a look at your fan speeds and GPU temperature to ensure it’s working properly in the mean time.

We heard from AMD tonight and they have acknowledged the issue and have a driver hotfix coming out tomorrow that will resolve the issue. You can see their statement below.

AMD is aware of isolated reports of low fan states following the installation of Radeon Software Crimson Edition on select Radeon GPUs. Its engineering teams have identified and addressed this issue, and AMD intends to release a hotfix on this coming Monday, November 30th.

Both AMD and NVIDIA have had issues with drivers and fan speeds. Over five years ago NVIDIA GeForce 196.75 video card drivers had a fan controller issue and caused GPU’s to die and there were reports of entire systems being damaged.