AMD Radeon RX 670 Launching As Soon As Next Week?

Rumors about the AMD Radeon RX 680 and Radeon RX 670 graphics cards are starting to pick up speed. We all know that AMD is needing to refresh its Radeon RX graphics card offerings as the ‘Polaris’ GPU was first introduced on the Radeon RX 400 series in 2016. Sites like Golem.dePCOnline and Chiphell are all thinking that Radeon RX 670 will launch this month and then the Radeon RX 680 will launch in November.

AMD Radeon Polaris Enhanced

Polaris 10 was used on the Radeon RX 480/470 graphics cards and then Polaris 20 was used on the Radeon RX 580/570 graphics cards. It looks like AMD is going to refresh Polaris once again and use Polaris 30 for the Radeon RX 680/670 graphics cards like. AMD is making improvements on the manufacturing process though as they started out with 14nm (14LPP) at GlobalFoundaries on Polaris 10, moved to 14nm+ (14LPP+) for Polaris 20 and for the new Polaris 30 GPUs they are said to be using 12nm (12LP). This should allow for higher clock speeds and hence the new series of graphics cards.

PCOline believes that the Radeon RX 670 could be launching as early as next week. That is news to us, but you never know!