AMD Phenom II X3 705e and Phenom II X4 905e Processors

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Overclocking greatly varies due to what hardware is being used and
who is doing the overclocking. Always remember that no two pieces of
hardware will perform the same, so our results will differ from what
you might be able to get.

AMD Phenom II X4 905e Processor Stock 2.5Ghz

With stock BIOS settings, the Phenom II X4 905e Black
Edition processor runs with a 200MHz bus speed and an x12.5 multiplier
that is
used to reach the final core clock of 2.5GHz. The multiplier is locked, so the only way to overclock the processor is to raise the bus speed.

AMD Phenom II X4 905e Processor Stock 2.9Ghz

Without changing any settings in the
BIOS just to see how high we could get with ‘AUTO’ voltages we were quickly disappointed. Even with the system running the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 heat sink (air cooling) we were unable to increase the bus speed by even 10MHz.  By cranking the voltage up to 1.45V in the motherboards BIOS and lowering the HT link down to 8x from 10x we were able to get the system to 2.96GHz, but it was a tough road to get there.  These processors are not very overclocking friendly it would seem. The AMD Phenom II X3 705e was also unable to break 3GHz, so not much to talk about here.

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