AMD has revised its AMD Athlon 64 Processor Power


Interesting article, but to me it seems to have a slightly anti-AMD twiat. Its a basic concept that when you O/C a system, all parts are working over their specs and requiring extra juice, and as neither AMD nor Intel condone O/Cing, neither are really going to tell you what their product will do if you operate it outside of specs. I also believe that no two pieces of equipment will perform exactly the same, which is why they will give a range as opposed to a hard number. I’ve been testing one of these new 90nm AMD processors, stay tuned for a review early next week….

“AMD has revised its AMD Athlon 64 Processor Power and Thermal Data Sheet to include results for its 90nm chips.

Unless you read it carefully, you’re liable to get fooled as to the meaning of the numbers, and if you think they really matter insofar as overclocking is concerned, you’re fooled already. “

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