AMD Gaming Evolved App Used By Over 5 Million Gamers


AMD announced this week that the AMD Gaming Client (or App) has surpassed 5 million users & now officially supports 189 game titles. The AMD Gaming Evolved program started on September 25th, 2013, so it took just eight months to get 5 million people using the App. The AMD Gaming Evolved App Powered By Raptr was designed to to make PC gaming as simple to use as consoles. It has grown from a client that tracks your gameplay into a social hub for your gaming life, permitting interaction with your Facebook and Twitter connections, live streaming your gameplay to, communication and tracking of your Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Xfire friends, and more. AMD hopes to get more gamers using the App and recently announced a rewards points program that gives you the chance to get things for just playing games and using the client!

Last month NVIDIA announced that the GeForce Experience had been installed on over 35 million GeForce GTX PCs. The NVIDIA GeForce Experience started back in 2012 as a closed beta that supported 30 game titles and has quickly grown from there. How is the AMD Gaming Evoloved App difference from the NVIDIA GeForce Experience? You can see the differences from AMD’s perspective in the chart below.

AMD Gaming Evolved Success