AMD dual core gets major Linux World showing

ONE OF the interesting hardware stories is a series of boxes running as-yet-unannounced dual-core Opteron processors, writes INQ reader Don Altman, from LinuxWorld.

The vendors I saw displaying working systems using these included Cray, HP, Microway, and Sun. Below I’ll try to describe a few of the boxes.

HP’s contribution was the XW9300 mini-tower running dual Opteron 200-series chips with the ability to run dual-core chips with only a BIOS upgrade.. The motherboard is made by Tyan to an HP design. The box uses 800MHz Hypertransport through the 250 processors and 1GHz for the 252. The as-yet-unannounced dual-core chips were rumoured to be running 1GHz Hypertransport.”

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