AMD Battlefield 4 Game Bundle Not All-Inclusive – 1,000 BF4 Copies To Be Given Away

We told you yesterday that AMD was launching a new game bundle promotion called Never Settle Forever. The new holiday game bundle was exciting as all AMD Radeon R9 Series cards sold after the program began on 11/13/2013 could be eligible to receive a copy of Battlefield 4. It appears that some sites and people thought that Battlefield 4 was going to be bundled with all AMD Radeon R9 series cards.


This is not the case and the BF4 game bundle promotion is available at participating retailers on cards that they select. Basically, it turns out that it is entirely up to the participating retailer and add-in board partners to pick and choose what cards that they are selling that will be getting the BF4 game bundle offer.  This was always the way the game bundle promotion was worded, but AMD wanted to make sure it was clear before people got the wrong idea. You can check out the fine print in the offer details here. If you are buying a Radeon R9 270, 270X, 280X, 290 or 290X we highly advise you to look around to see if a retailer is offering that card with a copy of BF4. We took a quick look at Newegg and could not find any AMD Radeon R9 270 or Radeon R9 270X video cards being offered with BF4, but we did find one AMD Radeon R9 280X that did have it.  That single card would be the XFX Double D Radeon R9 280X with BF4 for $304.99 shipped. The only other card that we could find with the BF4 game title was the XFX Radeon R9 290, so just two out of 48 video cards have this game bundle!


It looks like the BF4 bundle hasn’t fully been launched yet by the retailers or it is on a very limited number of cards. We hope that more cards are added in the days to come as only one card out of those three series is pretty limited! To get a copy of Battlefield 4 with the AMD Radeon R9 270 for $179.99 would have been a great deal, so we hope that some retailer will be offering it!

Here is a statement by AMD on the issue:


An email sent by an AMD PR representative to press last Friday that provided details on AMD’s Battlefield 4 promotion was not clear and has led to come confusion in the marketplace. It suggested that all customers who purchased an AMD Radeon R9 series graphics cards on or after November 13, 2013 would receive a complimentary copy of Battlefield 4. While all AMD Radeon R9 series cards are theoretically eligible for the promotion (which is administered by AMD’s channel partners), retailers and add-in-board partners ultimately decide which select AMD Radeon R9 SKUs will include a copy of BF4.

As with all limited promotions, it’s important that customers ensure that the specific product they’re purchasing qualifies for the promotion, and that they’re buying from a participating retailer during the promotion period.  Also, it is critical to note that this promotion is only valid while supplies last. 

To make it easier for our community to identify bundled products, BF4-qualifying SKUs and promotions of which AMD is aware will be posted on the portal below over the coming days and weeks, as soon as AMD is advised of their activation by its channel partners..  Check for more details and for full promotion terms and conditions.

We’ve also received many inquires via email and through Facebook and Twitter from customers who have already purchased an AMD Radeon R9 series graphics card, and are inquiring if the BF4 bundle will be made retroactive. Due to contractual agreements with EA/Dice, AMD was unable to make the BF4 promotion available before November 13th.  However, as a gesture of goodwill towards our loyal fans, AMD will be giving away 1000 BF4 codes through our social media channels over the coming weeks.  Details will be available soon at and on