AMD Adjusts Sound Baffling Adhesive To Calm Radeon R9 Fury X Noise Complaints


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AMD has just issued an official statement about the noisy GPU cooler found on some of the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X video cards. We contacted AMD to let them know about the issue before the video card was announced, but we were informed that the problem had been resolved and production parts would not have the issue. It’s fairly obvious that some retail cards did have the issue and that AMD wasn’t apply to apply the fix in time to the initial cards that were shipped out. AMD again says that they have corrected the issue by adjusting the sound baffling adhesive compound used on the pump housing and that helped reduced the noise level. If you have a noisy AMD Radeon R9 Fury X video card we suggest waiting a bit and exchanging it with a newer model that has the new adhesive or different application method. AMD is not recalling cards or anything like that, so this only applies to those having a bad pump. We have a bad pump, but AMD has yet to replace it after we asked for a replacement.

Here is the official comment from AMD on the Radeon R9 Fury X pump noise issue.

We have received feedback that during open bench testing a small number of Fury X cards emit a sound from the high speed liquid cooling pump that, while not loud, is bothersome to some users. While the vast majority of initial Fury X owners report remarkably quiet operation, we take this feedback seriously, as AMDs mission is to always deliver the best possible experience to our Radeon customers.

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X customers demand and deserve the best, so adjustments in the sound baffling adhesive compound were applied in the assembly of the high speed cooling pump to address the specific sound a few end users experienced as problematic. This improved the acoustic profile of the pump, and repeat testing shows the specific pitch/sound in question was largely reduced through adjustments to the sound-baffling adhesive compound in the pump.

AMD will work with its graphic card partners to ensure the satisfaction of the small number of initial customers who observed this specific sound and experienced it as bothersome. AMD is confident that on-going production of Radeon R9 Fury X product reduces the specific sound in question, but this is also a highly subjective matter with wide differences in PC case builds and room acoustics.

The AMD Radeon R9 Fury X radiator fan is near silent, and this makes any sound from the high-speed pump more noticeable to some end users, especially during open bench testing. Thus although the overall sound levels are remarkably low for an enthusiast product, AMD has worked to reduce the specific sound that some customers report as bothersome.