Amazon Offers Super Mario Maker 2 Discount

Nintendo just released the latest Switch game called Super Mario Maker 2 not long ago. Games that have just launched from Nintendo rarely get any sort of discount, and while Amazon’s pre-Prime Day deal on the game is certainly not a massive savings, it does make this the best price around right now.

Amazon is offering Super Mario Maker 2 for $5 off making the game $54 rather than $59. Again certainly not a massive discount, but for a new Switch game that is popular to get any discount is nice.

The game allows players to build their own side-scrolling levels with features, obstacles, enemies, and items from the 34-year franchise history reports Tech Radar. The items you can drop into the levels run the gamut from 8-bit original Super Mario Bros items to items from the updated Super Mario 3D World.

The levels can be shared with other players via a code allowing them to be accessed and played by all. The Amazon deal is valid here.