Amazon is Working on a Streaming Game Service says Rumor

A new rumor is making the rounds that Amazon is at work on a streaming game service. The service will reportedly send the game directly to the user devices without having to install any software or needing a console or powerful PC to run the content. This move will put Amazon directly in competition with Microsoft and Google said to be working on similar services.

Amazon is the largest provider of cloud services out there, and that fact should give it a leg up on the competition. It already has the cloud portion in place and only needs to set up the game portion. If Amazon launched a streaming gaming service and then made it part of Prime, that would certainly soften the blow of paying over $100 per year for access to Prime.

Prime is a massive moneymaker for Amazon, despite enormous shipping costs that it eats for subscribers. Amazon has already dipped its toes in the gaming market.

The company offers a game controller that allows users to play Android games with its Fire Stick dongle. The big factor in game streaming services for anyone will be if publishers climb aboard; currently, money is made on software purchases and how much money could be made via streaming remains to be seen.

via TheNextWeb