Amazon Hacks Pixel 3a and 3a XL Price

Black Friday isn’t here yet, and we have already seen a bunch of good deals that are available ahead of the infamous day. Amazon has some good deals on two of the Google past generation smartphones for folks who don’t mind not having the latest and greatest in their pocket.

The first of the devices is the Google Pixel 3a XL. This smartphone has 64GB of RAM and is selling for $379.99. That price represents a discount of $99.01 off the regular $479.99 price. That discount is good on the clearly white and purple-ish colors.

The just black smartphone is a bit more expensive at $399.99, which is an $80 discount off the regular price. If you want something smaller, the Pixel 3a with 64GB of RAM is on for $299, which is a $100 discount. Only the just black version is on sale.

Clearly white and purple-ish are regular price. The smartphones are listed in stock right tnow. Prime members also get free shipping.