Albatron Ti4200P Turbo




This is the Albatron 128mb Ti4200P Turbo, which is Albatron’s most popular video card sold today. Recently, the Albatron Ti4200P Turbo series of video cards has been praised by overclockers and gamers alike, and this caught our attention. The company Albatron is a relatively new name to the high performance video card market. Although the name may be new to some, others already swear by their products.

Do not feel left out if you do not know everything about Albatron, because they are a brand new company that was founded in 2002. Although Albatron was founded this year, their previous name, Chun Yun Electronics, began back in 1984 as a display manufacturer, producing wide-screen multimedia monitors, rear projection systems, TVs, and plasma displays. Changing their name to Albatron in 2002 signaled the dawn of their computer product line and a new direction of the company.

The goal of Albatron is best left untouched from how they say it: “Our greatest focus and driving force is you our customer. We consider it our duty to deliver the products you want at the right time and provide support when you need it. But above all, we’re here to ensure that your evolving needs–no matter how small–are taken care of. ”

Albatron currently offers more than 12 video cards all featuring Nvidia chipsets. They are also working on developing their new Nvidia FX design, which will be out in the first quarter of 2003. So today we are taking a look at the Albatron 128mb Geforce 4 Ti-4200P Turbo to see how the company has done with their first popular mainstream video card that has recieved a ton of attention.

To find out more about Albatron’s products or history please visit the Albatron Site.Link

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