Albatron 6600 512 DDR2 Video Card Review

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3D Mark 2006

Futuremark has overhauled “The Gamers’ Benchmark” with the introduction of 3DMark 06. The benchmark includes improved Shader Model 2 tests, new CPU tests and HDR Shader Model 3 tests for system-wide gaming performance measurement. Final scores are now impacted very directly by the CPU used. We focused our attention to Shader Model 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0 results as this will tell us just how well our video card performs in this benchmark.

3D Mark 2006 SM 2.0

3D Mark 2006 SM 3.0

We see in this test that the 6600-512 is coming in well behind the other cards. In reality none of our other tests showed this much disparity and just goes to show that you can’t make a purchase decision based on a single benchmark.

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