Alan Wake TV Show in Development

If you liked the Alan Wake video game, you will love this news. Word is circulating that the Alan Wake video game is set to become a TV show. The showrunner and writing for the TV adaption are Peter Calloway. This is the same guy that is executive producer for Legion on FX. That show is weird, but it’s good.

Calloway has some other not so fantastic shows under his belt including the Under the Dome series and a superhero drama called Cloak & Dagger. The best bit of news in this is that Sam Lake, the actual writer of the Alan Wake video game is serving as executive producer on the series reports PCGamer.

Lake is said to be a huge part of the show and word is that the series is “his baby.” That is good news. Movies and TV based on video games tends to be bad, so we have high hopes that this will work out. There is no word on a network and a premiere date.

“The story of the original game is our starting point, the seed which will grow into the bigger story we’re exploring in the show,” Lake said. “We’ll be expanding the lore of this crazy and dark universe and diving deeper into certain aspects of it than the game ever did.”