Aerocool Strike-X ST Case Recall – Stop Using The HDD Dock


Do you happen to own the Aerocool Strike-X ST Mid Tower gaming case? Aerocool has been selling the Strike-X ST since 2011 and it appears that the hard drive docking station on the top of the case is shorting out and causing fires. Aerocool is replacing the circuit board in the HDD dock to prevent the case from melting down and possibly burning your home down. The Aericool Strike-X ST case is available in a couple different colors and you can see what the case looks like in the images below.

Aerocool Strike-XT ST Recall

We did some Google searching and found users reporting this issue way back in November 2012, so this has been an issue for many years and is just now being corrected. Take a look below at the rather unsettling images of a melted case. These images are from Toms Hardware user ‘Messala Oliveira’ and were posted to a thread with others sharing their story. Toms Hardware even featured a story on the fire issue one year ago to the month here. We aren’t sure why it took Aerocool so many years from the first reports of an issue to replace the circuit boards, but clearly there is an issue. Aerocool claims that this is the only case that is impacted as the circuit board in question was just used on the Strike-X ST series.



If you happen to own an Aerocool Strike-X ST case we would like to ask you to stop using the HDD Dock entirely and to follow these instructions by Aerocool:

If you are an owner of Strike-X ST case, please read the following messages carefully.:

1. PLEASE STOP USING THE HDD DOCKING FUNCTION OF STRIKE-X ST CASE UNTIL YOU HAVE REPLACED THE HDD DOCKING PCB – There is a cause of concern in regard to the HDD docking function of the Strike-X ST case as we have experienced a few short circuit incidents which result in burning of the case. Please stop using this function until you have replaced the HDD docking PCB in your case.

2. HDD DOCKIGN PCB REPLACEMENT Aerocool has decided to replace all HDD docking PCB of the Strike-X ST case to avoid similar incidents in the future. Please contact our sales person listed below, we will inform our distributor in your country (or nearby country) to send you a PCB replacement. The replacement will come with an user manual to guide you through the changing process. You can also find the HDD docking PCB replacement instruction video.

PCB Replacement Instruction Video:

Please provide the following info when sending email to our sales person in charge:

My country is:
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Please send email to:
South America – [email protected]
Eastern Europe/Russia/Ukraine – [email protected]
Europe(not including Eastern Europe)/North America – [email protected]
Middle East/South Africa – [email protected]
Asia/Australia – [email protected]