Acer Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair Costs $13,999

Sometimes the coolest stuff has prices that put it out of the reach of average gamers. Out of reach is exactly the case with the Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair thanks to its $14,000 price. The new chair is $6,000 cheaper than the previous edition, but at $13,999 it’s still very expensive.

The Thonros Air lacks the motorized monitor arm that was a big feature of the original Thronos. It does have the ability to mount three monitors and has an adjustable mouse and keyboard tray as well as a footrest.

The chair can be optioned with a cup holder, cameras, and hubs reports Engadget. For the $14,000 you only get the chair, you have to supply the PC, monitors, peripherals and a room that won’t collapse under the 715-pound weight.

Acer will sell the Thronos Air in the US starting later this year. The seat will also be available in Europe. We wouldn’t expect Acer to sell many of these at the price.