A Bunch Of People Appear To Be Ordering The Wrong Xbox

When Microsoft announced that its next-generation console is called the Xbox Series X, a number of people thought the name was too close to the Xbox One X that was already available. It was easy to see how a bunch of non-gamers trying to buy the next-generation console as a gift for the holiday season could make a mistake and order the wrong device.

It looks like this exact thing has happened as the sales rank on Amazon for the Xbox One X is soaring. Reports indicate that the One X sales rank is up 747 percent on Amazon. We’d wager a significant number of those people thought they were ordering the next-generation console and won’t receive what they expect.

This could lead to disappointment come Christmas Day. The Verge points out that ordering the wrong console is an easy mistake to make. Those who search for Xbox Series X on Amazon will find the top two search results being for the new console and for the existing Xbox One X.

The existing One X is a better performing version of the current-generation console. Hopefully, those who ordered by mistake realize their error before their return window expires. There is some speculation that the big uptick in sales for the One X could be from bots trying to gobble up all the Series X consoles for resellers and had poorly written code. That would be a hilarious mistake and serve resellers right.