2021 Ford Bronco Fuel Economy Isn’t That Great

Fuel economy numbers have surfaced for the 2021 Ford Bronco, and while we doubt many were expecting high fuel economy, the actual numbers may be disappointing. The 2021 Bronco base model with the 2.3-liter engine and 10-speed automatic gets 20 MPG city, 22 MPG Highway, and 21 MPG combined. Other trim levels may see different fuel economy numbers.

The Bronco using a 2.7-liter V-6 gets 18 MPG city, 20 MPG highway, and 19 MPG combined. Buyers who opt for the popular Sasquatch package will see a scant 17 MPG.

Those fuel economy figures put the Bronco beneath the Wrangler, which is its most direct competition when it comes to fuel economy. Granted, Jeep and Bronco fans are not likely to be purchasing the vehicle for fuel economy numbers.

As a former Jeep Wrangler owner, I can tell you it’s rare in most instances to get the fuel economy numbers Jeep promises. In the city, I averaged about 17 MPG with my two-door Wrangler. It remains to be seen how real-world fuel economy numbers stack up for the Bronco.