2019 iPhone Rumor Claims USB-C Charger to be included

A new rumor is making the rounds that claim to know something about the iPhone models expected to be launched this year. The rumor claims that Appel will bundle a USB-C charger in with the 2019 iPhone models.

The catch is that the iPhone models still use the Lightning port. Therefore the rumor claims that Apple will bundle in a USB-C to Lightning adapter as well. Perhaps this is an interim step before launching USB-C charging on the next generation of iPhone devices in 2020 reports MacRumors.

The leak comes from a company called ChargerLAB that claims word of the USB-C charger came to from a high-level executive. The different charger is said to be an 18W unit that would charge the smartphones faster.

Previous rumors had tipped that the 2019 iPhone could use a 5W charger with a USB-A to Lightning cable. Little is expected to change with the 2019 iPhones with the only major difference expected to be a new rear camera setup.