Verizon Ellipsis 7 4G LTE Tablet Review

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Verizon Ellipsis 7 4G LTE Tablet Network Performance & Battery Life

Verizon Ellipsis 7 4G LTE 21.67Mbps 11.92Mbps 59.39Mbps 4.83Mbps 17.83Mbps 4.42Mbps

The Verizon Ellipsis 7 4G LTE tablet running on the Verizon network was able to hit the fastest 4G LTE speed that I have seen. The maximum download speed that I saw on was 59.39Mbps! The slowest download speed seen was 4.83Mbps which is still a reasonable speed to surf the web with. The average of the 20 runs sitting pretty at 21.67MbpsThe upload speed wasn’t quite as impressive as the download speed, but was still plenty fast with a maximum speed of 17.83Mb/s and a minimum speed of 4.42

  Verizon Ellipsis 7
4,000 mAh Battery
Google Nexus 7 Haier Digital2
4400mAH Battery
GFXBench 3.0 Battery Test 269 (4.8FPS) N/A 497(8.9FPS)
GFXBench 3.0 Battery Life 475 minutes N/A 223 Minutes
Real World Battery Test 379 Minutes N/A N/A

When you’re on the go, battery life is always important. The GFXBench 3.0 suite has a built in battery test within it. Running the GFXBench 3.0 Battery test on the Verizon Ellipsis 7 4G LTE tablet we got a score of 269 points and the benchmark was running at 4.8 frames per second and is estimated to last 475 minutes. The Haier Digital2 D2-961G scored 497 points at 8.9 frames per second and is estimated to last 223 minutes. I wanted to get a real sense of the battery life on the Verizon Ellipsis 7 tablet so I ripped a bluray and converted it to a universal format in Handbrake and looped it continually until the tablet was dead. Iron Man 3 was run from 100% to 0% in 379 minutes (6hours 19 minutes).

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  • Sharris Hayes

    I can’t find a case for this tablet due to the fact that the power button is on the very top right edge. Any case I try pushes the power button. Very inconvenient.

  • JEFF


  • Andi

    What if it suddenly changed to Chinese scripture and you can’t turn off to reboot?

    • ally

      press the down volume button until the last option is highlighted and then press your power button. that’s what works for me. its happened multiple times.

  • Jada

    I need help with my tablet

  • Sohail Anwar

    Can I use 4G LTE sim in this tablet . I have one but I can not use it in pakistan is there any registration issue or country issue is there any way how to enable 4G lte sim in verizon ellipsis 7 . It is showing invalid sim

  • Donna

    Tried to turn on pad last night and it just wouldn’t.. plugged in to charge just in case that was it and I got all this weird chinese writing on screen.. I finally gave up and unpluged. It seems okay this morning… but really chinese writing are they trying to get in my information? Has anyone else seen this?

  • Emmanuel Harris

    Hi, how can I use my network in my country Liberia? I have one but no service.

  • 124346

    Hi, I have an elipsis 8 and I want to know how to turn off the 4G LTE while I’m out of the country and only use the wireless feature. Anyone know? We haven’t had any problems with the tablet so far but it’s most common use is as an e reader. Thanks for your help.

  • Jay_Dun23

    So.. I had this tablet for almost a year I can safely say.. No major problems, only memory of course but because of the games I have an interest in.. (NFS, Asphalt, GTA) so because of that memory problem I was having, I bought a Professional Ultra SanDisk 16GB memory card which said its “specifically designed for the Verizon Ellipsis 7 Tablet” like 2 days ago. Yes I have tried a different SD card in this tablet before and almost had to format it because it wasn’t a SanDisk Ultra memory card.. So now that I have bought the proper SD card for the Ellipsis 7, it is having problems reading the SD card when I inserted it.. It worked at first but now it isn’t even reading the card at all, even when its inside. I am very irritated because I have no idea what in the world is going on with this tablet.

  • Kelly Jo

    I was using mine last night, it went into time out mode, I went to turn back on won’t boot up nothing, when charging, nothing, usally will have a battery with lighting bolt icon, nope nothing, I too need to know if any one else is having this problem and how doi fix it. Never dropped, wet, nothing
    Bad. Thanks

    • Greg

      I held down the power button and the volume down button for like 6 secs then it powered back on, might have been coincidence , who knows. give it a try

      • funlvr

        Thank you! I had the exact same problem as Kelly Jo…and holding down both buttons, as you said, worked!! Thanks again!! 😉

  • Kimberly

    Worst tablet ever. Currently stuck in a strange Chinese list of whatever it is saying. Won’t turn off, won’t refresh. Crap. Anyone else have a list of Chinese words come on the black screen? I hate this tablet. And I can’t get rid of it without costing a fortune in fees.

    • Tammy Acalco

      Mine is doing The same thing. Did you figure out why its doing that.

      • FortuneIT

        That is the factory reset/diagnostics screen. If you navigate(with volume down button) down to the one that has chinese writing and EMMC(use volume up button to select) or something like that it will factory reset your tablet.

        • JoyceC

          Thank You!! I have been trying to get the tablet to get out of the Chinese mode all morning, I followed your instructions and it is turning on as I type. Thank you so much for your post.

        • Tim Riggins

          What if it does not allow you to do that

        • Julie

          Mine did this…… I did almost what fortuneit said…… I used volume down to highlight the Chinese writing with emmc by it then I had to hit power, next screen had to go down a few lines, using volume down button to the line with Chinese and emmc and I hit power there also and it immediately said welcome and its having me sign in as if it were new so I guess factory reset was done! Hope this helps!

    • blackpowderbill

      What a PIA ! 2 weeks ago it died and would not start till it charged for a full day.

  • ThomasBDX

    Verizon is still trying to shovel this junk someplace. I get an email about their “HOT tablet promotion” about every four days…

  • Marcus Clark

    My wife bought me one for Christmas and I’ve had nothing but problems with it from day one. The processor simply isn’t powerful enough for what few apps I have, aside from crashing when doing simple things like checking the NWS for weather data, it also freezes on startup requiring a reboot, and has frozen many times even then, of course, requiring a hard reboot. Another issue has been the constant messages about the charger being “incompatible with device” even though it’s the one that came with it. I have taken mine to a number of Verizon stores and sent it off for repairs, but since Verizon is not known for its repair service, I keep getting back a tablet that just doesn’t function. Of course, this will happen when Verizon repair technicians send it back saying they can’t duplicate the problems, even though they get it “frozen” with a black screen because it won’t do anything, which by the way, is its current condition. Perhaps I simply got one of those “one in a million lemons” Verizon store employees keep saying, especially if there are customers thinking about getting one, but a check of Verizon’s own website tells a much more clearer picture, it just simply doesn’t have the processor power for it to be a good tablet period, regardless of reviews like this.

    • bill moseley

      Ditto everything you said! Why do they keep using this turkey!? Cheap for them. But don’t they have any sense of ethics? Continuing a decidedly bad product? Cut your loses, folks. This makes you look very bad! I like the idea of a free pad with good apps, but it’s worthless without booting up and delivering a connection. I am currently awaiting my SECOND replacement. Same symptoms as the first unit. I will likely lose several gigs of usage if the pad is not replaced quickly….there is no “roll over,” use it or lose it. If I have no pad, I lose the data usage! Help, I need somebody!

  • john

    I bought all three of my children this tablet for Christmas. One of them won’t stay on. It powers itself off and on and cant do anything with it. This is the worst tablet I have ever owned.

  • lw

    My tablet got extremely hot and not it won’t charge. Can the battery be replaced? Is this a battery problem?

  • frank

    How do you fix the lighting of the camera if it faces you because mines always end up look green and dark…

  • Sooner Chuck

    How can I turn keyboard input on? I can only voice search.

  • Jessica

    This is one of the worst devices I have owned. We got it on a promo when we started up with Verizon. A bout a month & a half later the screen completely stopped working, it stays completely white, or grey. If we leave it be for a few days and keep it on the charger occasionally the screen will return to its normal state but if you so much as think about unplugging it from the charger, your screen is gone again. I had it working for about a week and now it won’t work at all screen wise. We have never dropped it, over heated it, spilled on it- nothing. Just quit for no reason. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  • omar


  • omar

    is it worth paying 150 for one any one kan help me plz

    • Gigi59


    • underworldelement

      $40 at the pawn shop, lol

  • Jack

    Elipsis 7 is the worst device I have ever used to tether to internet with my PC. It does not stay online. You have to reboot continually even with an expensive cell booster. Since it is the only tablet offered by Verizon, it is a horrible deal. The only good thing is that, Verizon has told us, we can get out of our contract when we find a better actually reliable service. I have nothing good to say about this table.

    • blackpowderbill

      Yea good luck just getting out of your contract! Verizon sells the crap tablets then they want you to pay 9.00 mo for insurance and a 2 yr contract. If you want out they want paid.

      • Jeni Haworth

        I got out of my contract a year ago. I went with Hughes Net and it has been outstanding.

  • Amorris

    My brother and I purchased Ellipsis &’s about 3 months ago. They will not charge! We have to keep the charger plugged in to use them.

    • Spencer Johnson

      simple fix open the back of it with a small flat head

      screw driver and unplug the battery for 1 minute then plug it back it allow it to charge complete before removing charge also make sure it’s not saying charger incompatible .

    • Rock Sadler

      I have a e 7 to but the plug that came with it stop working n none of my phone charger will work even know it the same USB plug

  • bug

    mine wont turn on even though its charged

  • amy

    How can I upload photos from my SD card to the tablet?

  • Gail

    Can someone please tell me how to get safe mode of please???

  • sj

    I erased the keyboard by mistake. How do I reinstall it

  • Ashley

    Can anyone tell me how to save apps to my sd card on this tablet? I keep having problems with memory. I have a 16gb sd card in but there isn’t anything on it. I am just frustrated with the insufficient space popping up on me! I went in to the store I got it from two people couldn’t figure it out. Please help.

    • jd

      I don’t think this device has this capability of saving anything but pix to the ext SD card

      • mtenenbaum

        The only way you can manage the memory map is to load apps that allow you to store data and executable code in the auxiliary SD card. Well that’not exactly true. If you know your way around Linux you can enter soft links to have the OS look at another location for data and executables.

  • TampaMeg

    where is the damn Tab key on this ellipsis 7??!!!

  • Sharon

    Just got the tablet from Verizon last week. Email does not load and files say they are loading and never do. Also batter doesn’t last very long and after charging all night it is still not 100%

    • user

      If you don’t close out your apps after you are done with them it can cause your battery to die fast or not charge properly. Press the two boxes at the bottom right of the screen and swipe all of the apps.

  • Darryl Hines

    Can a stylus work with this device?

  • peggy

    didn’t mean to give scooby a “thumbs down”
    sorry sorry
    how did you make ellipsis 7 stay “on” longer?

  • Amber Finken-Johnson

    Can anyone tell me if I can use an external keyboard with this tablet? I see that Verizon is now selling a Bluetooth external keyboard for it but I was looking at one that plugs into the micro USB and don’t want to get it if it won’t work with my tablet.

    • Julie

      I bought a
      Tsmile® New Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard PU Leather Case Cover Stand Protective Skin for Verizon Ellipsis 7 MV7A Black
      for mine. It is wireless, so you have to charge the keyboard just like the tablet. What I like about it is the keyboard is part of the case to protect the tablet.

    • Sally Wilkins

      Amber, I came here looking for the same answer. I can tell you that the (cheap) usb keyboard I bought does not work . . .

  • scooby

    Ours works great love the 4g feature but tablet keeps shutting down and restarting if you are not using it hasn’t done it for a while though I think I might of fixed the ptoblem

  • Nice review for what seems to be a little below the line tablet. I would love to stay connected on the go but with the cost of data plans being ridiculously high, it just isn’t an option.

    If someone ever does a truly unlimited 4g (or above by that time) connection just like you get with your cable, dsl, fios, etc, they will take away business from everyone as long as they can sustain the hit in bandwidth.

    Wireless is just to darn expensive and limited to do more than small things on.