Tt eSports Level 10 M Gaming Headset Review

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Tt eSports Level 10 M Gaming Headset




A considerable portion of the Level 10 M gaming headset is constructed from aluminum making it heavy for a headset. A cloth-covered pad on the top of the headband, leather-covered earpads, and moderate clamping force make this headset comfortable to wear. The full-sized leather earpads also isolate noise.TtLevel10Mheadset_13 TtLevel10Mheadset_14

The earcups are oval in shape which gives less room to adjust the headphones over one’s ears compared to circular cups. On the other hand, this design maintains a sleeker profile when viewed from the side.TtLevel10Mheadset_15 TtLevel10Mheadset_16

The exposed wire is for looks, much like what was seen on the Level 10 M mouse.TtLevel10Mheadset_21_headband

The headband is adjustable along a ratchet and has a tension locking mechanism when the headband is stretched like when placed on the head.TtLevel10Mheadset_22_headband

The microphone can rotate about two axes. Here it is being folded onto the headset.TtLevel10Mheadset_12_mic TtLevel10Mheadset_11_mic

Near the joint on both earcups is a miniUSB jack for the included cables. This permits users to detach the headset from the PC and reattach the headset to a mobile device. In addition users have the liberty to have the cable attached to either the right or left cup.TtLevel10Mheadset_17_plug TtLevel10Mheadset_18_plug

The inline controller has a microphone mute switch and volume control.  It isn’t heavy and it’s smaller than a matchbox, but being 1 foot along the cable may create situations where the controller will dangle.TtLevel10Mheadset_19_inline

The back of the controller has a mirror finish that easily picks up fingerprints.TtLevel10Mheadset_20a_inline


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  • AMD fanboy

    Perfect, red like them AMD. Now if AMD could ship these free with the purchase of the 290X it would be golden.

  • lofasz

    ugly as fuck

    • Kevin Rodriguez

      Does it not match your dress? It’s a headset. If the quality is great and everything works, who cares?