Tritton AX Micro Bluetooth Headset Review

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AX Micro Performance

Tritton AX Micro Headset

After taking only a couple of hours to fully charge the AX Micro, we paired the device up to our standard test devices.  We successfully paired the Tritton AX Micro to our Apple iPhone (non-3G), Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 750, MDA Vario, and LG Dare.  As we have seen with most current mobile devices, we had no problems whatsoever in pairing up the AX Micro. 

Even though the rubber fingers that make up the earpiece look a bit strange, they do a very good job of holding the AX Micro attached to your ear.  We really found the fit secure and were surprised to be able to work with the AX Micro for long periods of time with hardly any ear fatigue.  Even those with smallish-sized ears could wear the AX Micro with no problems with this headset.

Tritton AX Micro Headset Side View

Sound output from the AX Micro was surprisingly good.  My thoughts on this relatively economical headset were that because it didn’t have all the bells and whistles of higher-end headsets, it was going to lack in one of my most important requirements: sound quality.  Tritton did an excellent job with giving the AX Micro the ability to produce better-than-average sound quality from their tiny Bluetooth headset.  While not as loud as the Plantronics Discovery 925, it easily outputs louder than the majority of “economical” headsets that we have seen.

Tritton AX Micro Headset Side View

We found that incoming calls were registered quickly on the headset with a ringtone that you can hear as well as the LED indicator light “dancing” in two colors. To answer calls, all you had to do it tap the Multi-Function button and you could start talking.  Because the AX Micro alerted us and connected callers quickly, we never had a problem of calls not transferring over to the headset.

When using the headset in crowded conditions the AX Micro performance really takes a hit.  Without a more expensive Digital Signal Processor like the Jawbone or BlueAnt headsets, this headset really struggles with noisy or windy conditions. The lack of voice isolation or noise reduction really is apparent. Many times when I was in a conversation inside my office and I stepped out into the wind, the party on the other end would immediately complain and note the horrible condition that I was in.  With other headsets that included some sort of active noise cancellation circuitry, I would rarely get this complaint. 

AX Micro Speaker

For the majority of our calling, we didn’t have any problems with being able to hear or communicating to our party.  For those who spend a lot of time in windy or noisy environments, you may want to look for a headset that has active noise cancellation and voice enhancement. Because the AX Micro is a relatively inexpensive Bluetooth headset, you will have to give up something.  Tritton designers are betting if you don’t have these requirements and would like an economical alternative to the $100 headsets, you will give the AX Micro a shot.

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