Thermaltake USB Powered Mobile Fan 12 Review

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Unboxing The Product

And here we have a nice head first shot of the mobile fan. I’d like to say when I first pulled this fan out I was easily able to identify the OEM of this fan, which is Yate Loon Electronics. Although, this is not a basic design from them like the popular D12SH-12, but instead a custom design which is obvious because of this fan being USB powered.

The Orange and Black color scheme of this product is pretty attractive to me as I’m a fan of warm colors like Red & Orange. It also fits the Thermaltake motif well. For the paint job itself, it does pretty well, picking at the fan blades with my finger did not cause any scratches or flaking of the paint so that’s always a good sign.

With the base installed this fan is just a tad bit over 5 Inches tall, landing just on the 12.5cm mark with my ruler. This is actually pretty nice for a product with the “mobile” part of its name; that means it’s rather compact.

The base is 2.25 Inches (or 5.5cm) in depth, so again pretty compact, which is what we want in a product designed to be carried around with you or sitting on your desk close to your hands.

The base is also 5.5 Inches (or 14cm) long making the product in total (with the base) 12.5cm x 5.5cm x 14cm, which is only slightly larger than the fan itself.

I would say that, in my opinion, this is fairly compact and not going to be something that sucks up much space on my desk, which I need as I keep everything from tools, my wallet, cell phone, and mail on my desk. So at times it does feel like I lack space which makes how compact this gadget is very nice for my circumstances.

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