Thermaltake SpinQ Six Heatpipe CPU Cooler Review

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Final Thoughts

AM3 RAM Slot Placement

After testing, I am very confused why the suggested installation direction would be the direction which results in worse performance, worse aesthetics (I would rather see just the heatpipes than screws, the fan mount and heatpipe tips), and very limited RAM options. But I digress, and just say to install in the opposite direction (which is better in every possible way), simply look at the pictures on the box or the website and install with that directionality.

Thermaltake SpinQ

The Thermaltake SpinQ is a very attractive looking cooler with some nice features including compatibility with all current motherboards, a 6-heat pipe design with a mirror finish base and a blue LED blow fan, among many other things. This cooler is a great step up from stock cooling on any system, but for $52.99 + $6.98 shipping at its lowest, I would be hard pressed to recommend it over many coolers found for half its price which offer the same or better performance. The Rocketfish cooler included in testing is found at your local Best Buy for a mere $29.99 plus tax.

Legit Bottom Line: The Thermaltake SpinQ is for anyone who wants a great looking cooler to show off, but does not plan on doing much overclocking, as the performance does not match its price tag.

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