Thermaltake Armor+ MX Midtower ATX Computer Case

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Thermaltake Armor +MX lit up in the dark

Thermaltake has tried to cram as many features from the larger “super tower” Armor case into this standard size mid tower, and did a good job of it. You have all the classic looks, the build quality, and you can still fit everything into the case. With shrinking space comes the ‘snug factor’. This case has close quarters, but you can still get most full length video card in this case. The distance from the drive bays to the expansion slots is 10.6 inches. If your card has the power plugs on the end of the card instead of on top, you may have an issue. So be sure to measure your graphics card before ordering the Armor+ MX. Even with the tight space, cable routing and hiding was easily done. I would still recommend a nice modular PSU and 90 degree SATA cables to make your life that much easier.

The Armor+ MX can be found on line for around $137 shipped. At this price I would liked to have seen the Armor+ MX a little lighter for its size and have better air flow. I believe the case is aimed at gamers and most gamers go to LAN parties, so a strong yet light case is desired. Thermaltake has the strong part down with out a doubt, now if they could shave off some weight. I also didn’t care for the air flow of the case. The front drive bay completely blocks the front intake fan, and if you don’t remove all the metal drive bay shield/spacers you have blocked airflow there as well. The top vents holes are almost completely blocked by the PSU. This will allow heat to radiate out from the PSU, but leaves all fresh air in take to the side panel fan and the heat removal work to the rear 120mm fan.

Bottom Line: The Thermaltake Armor+ MX VH800BWS has many of the full size tower features in a compact mid tower case size. Thermaltake did a good job of shrinking the case, but it would nice if it was a little lighter and had better air flow.

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