Thermaltake Armor+ MX Midtower ATX Computer Case

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External Impressions Continued

Back of the Thermaltake Armor +MX

Moving around to the back of the case there is not much to look at. The expansion slot covers are slotted for ventilation. The Armor+ MX also comes with an I/O shield, I still don’t understand why cases still include these.

Thermaltake Armor +MX Front I/O Panel

Moving to the top of the case, at the front we have the eSATA, USB, and Audio front panel connections; as well as the reset and power buttons.

Thermaltake Armor +MX top storage area

The top of the case also hides a small storage area.

Thermaltake Armor +MX case access

The bottom of the storage area can be removed. This is to allow access to the inside of the case for things like topping off a reservoir for a water cooling loop.

Thermaltake Armor +MX not a handle sticker

And in one of the “why” moments I have from my engineering days is on the back of the case top. At the back on the top there is a nice little sticker telling you that the lip on the back of the case is not a handle. Since the top is plastic there is no way it would hold up to the weight of the case and system. Now you’re thinking then why have it that way if you can use it as a handle. I’m not sure, I would have rather seen the case the extra inch or so deeper to take up the over hang and give more room in the case.

Thermaltake Armor +MX Case Feet

And last but not least the bottom of the case we can see the Armor+ MX has standard black rubber feet.

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