Thecus N5500 5 Bay NAS Server Review

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Specifications Continued

Thecus N5500 NAS Software Functions

  • RAID
  • RAID modes: 0, 1, 5,6,10,JBOD
  • Auto-rebuild: Supported
  • Hot-swap: Supported
  • Hot spare: Supported
  • SMART Info: Supported
  • SMART Test: Supported
  • On line RAID Migration: Supported
  • On line RAID Expansion: Supported
  • RAID Volume Encryption: AES256bit
  • Disk
    • Power management: Spin down while idle time setup
    • Bad Block Scan: Supported
    • Roaming: Support roaming to other N5500
  • Network
    • Configuration: Fixed IP Address, Dynamic IP Address
    • IP sharing mode: Can be enable/disabled
    • Transport Protocols: TCP/IP/Appletalk
    • File Protocols: SMB/CIFS, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, NFS v3, AFP
    • Link Aggregation: 802.3ad, load balance and fail over
  • Data
    • Access
      Client OS support: Windows 7/2000/XP/2003/Vista, UNIX/Linux, Mac OS 9 / X
    • WebDisk: Web-based file access
    • FTP: File transmission protocol
    • Secure FTP: Secure File transmission protocol
    • Download Manager: HTTP / FTP / BT / eMule (Module)
    • Printer Server (IPP): Support USB printers
    • Support IPP various printers: Client can manage(List/Delete) the print job queue on WEB interface
  • Data Backup
    • Client data backup: Acronis True image(OEM version)
    • Client system Disaster Recovery: Acronis True image(OEM version)
    • NAS Remote Replication: Via Thecus proprietary Nsync
    • USB device copy to N5500: Through LCM to control
    • Snapshot: Supported
    • Bi-directional USB Copy: Supported
  • Block Level Access
    • iSCSI Target: Support Microsoft/Mac/Linux Initiator
    • iSCSI initiator: For stackable with N5200/1U4500/N7700
    • iSCSI Thin Provisioning: Supported
  • Power management
    • Schedule power on/off: Supported
  • Volume management
    • Multiple RAID: Supported
    • Multiple file system selectable: Ext3 / XFS / ZFS
  • Multimedia Support (Options for module upload)
    • iTunes Server:
    • Supported File Types: AAC, MP3 w/ ID3 tag, WAV
  • Photo Web Server
    • Supported File Types: GIF, JPG (JPEG), BMP, PNG
    • Supports EXIF display
    • Supports slide show
  • Media server: Supports uPnP AV streaming protocol
  • User Authentication
    • Local User: Supports built-in user accounts
    • Local Group: Supports built-in user groups
    • Windows NT/ADS: Supported
  • File System
    • Type: Journaling
    • Capacity: 10TB (XFS,ZFS) / 8TB (ext3) per volume
    • Language Support: Unicode Support
    • Authorization (ACL): Read, Write or Deny options on individual users or groups for share and sub-folders
  • Administration
    • Multi-Lingual Web-based administration (Default auto): Web-based
      server management Interface Supports English, Traditional Chinese,
      Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish,
      Russian and Polish
    • Utility Program:
    • MS Windows Setup Wizard, supports Windows 7/2000/XP/2003/Vista
    • Mac setup Wizard (OSX only)
  • Email notification: Sends system messages via Email to system administrator
  • SNMP trap: System information trap out
  • Others
    • Dual DOM: Supported
    • Web Disk: Supported
    • Recycled bin: Supported
    • Web Server: Supported
    • ISO Mount: Supported
    • User module: Supported
    • IP CAM surveillance Server: Supports up to 5 IP CAM

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