The SkyHawk IMC6375 EchoQ SFF PC

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Internal Impression…continued

Power Supply unit (PSU)

Power Supply Unit

One problem I encountered is that there are only two 4 pin Molex connectors and one Serial ATA connector. Let?s do the math: CD/DVD-ROM drive (1 Molex down), ATA HDD (2 Molex connectors gone), now we have nothing to power the ATI X800 video card we want to install and run games. So, what we must do is install a Serial ATA HDD and use the now free 4 pin Molex to power the video card. I would like to have seen an extra power line even if it was another SATA line for an additional HDD. This would mean we now need a bigger PSU, which is not entirely bad. For what we are using this system for (a Media PC) the included 250W PSU will work just fine! I installed a Seagate ATA HDD and an NEC 16x CD/DVD RW drive, which took up both of my 4 pin Molex cables. This was not a huge problem unless I choose to play graphic intensive games such as Doom3, Far Cry, Everquest II and so on. Instead of the X800 video card that requires a 4-pin Molex cable I downgraded to a perfectly adequate ATI 9600XT, which worked fine and did not require an additional power source. 



The included accessories are as follows:

  • User Manual (not shown)
  • Motherboard Manual (not shown)
  • Software CD
  • 3.5? FDD Panel
  • Remote Control
  • CPU Heat Pipe with mounted CPU fan
  • ATA cable x1
  • HDD cable x1
  • FDD cable x1
  • SATA cablex1
  • CD/DVD-ROM cable x1
  • PSU Power Cable
  • Fan for additional airflow
  • Bag of every screw you will ever need to assemble the IMC6375


Everything needed to get you started is included except the CPU, memory, HDD, optical drives and a video card.



The remote is small and light weight, but easy to use. Upon testing I found it to be effective at ranges of up to 20 feet, which should be fine for the average size room.



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