The Kingston DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition

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DataTraveler Elite Privacy Edition Performance

When it comes to performance we thought we would put the Kingston DTE Privacy up to the reigning speed champ the OCZ Rally USB Flash Drive. The results were nothing but astounding.

The Kingston 2GB DataTraveler Elite Privacy Edition USB Flash Drive

The past couple reviews we have written about USB keys showed the OCZ Rally Drive out in front by a fairly good margin. (Kind of like Barbosa in the 2006 Kentucky Derby for all you horse racing fans) The Kingston DTE Privacy had the highest ?write? speeds that we have ever seen on a USB Flash Drive. The above chart shows the Sisoft Sandra scores on the two drives with Kingston taking the lead across the board.

Let?s take a closer look at the actual read/write speeds.

The Kingston 2GB DataTraveler Elite Privacy Edition READ Performance Benchmarking

After graphing the raw data found using Sandra we see that the OCZ Rally drive actually has a slight speed advantage when reading some of the larger file sizes. On the 64MB file test the OCZ Rally was able to read at 74x (13107 kB/sec) while the Kingston DTE Privacy scored 62x (10923 kB/sec). While reading data is half of the battle let?s take a look at the write scores.

The Kingston 2GB DataTraveler Elite Privacy Edition Write Performance Benchmarking

When it comes to ?write? performance it is clear that the DTE Privacy destroys the OCZ Rally drive. In the 32kB test for example the DTE is nine times faster than the Rally! Looking at the 2MB test the DTE clocked in at 73x (12902 kB/sec), with the Rally pulling up later at 31x (5564 kB/sec). When it came to the largest file size tested the Rally tried to make a comeback, but was still 12x slower than the DTE Privacy.

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