Super Talent SATA II Mini 2 PCIe MLC 64GB SSD

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HD Tune – Random Access

When HD Tune Pro 3.50 was released in December 2008 it included a brand new Random Access test. The random access read and write test is a very important performance area to look at on solid state drives as some controllers have problems with random writes. Again, with this being the only drive in the system we can only do read tests.

Stock SSD HD Tune Random Access Results

On the stock ASUS drive we can see the random access time was 13ms with an average speed of 36MB/s.

Super Talent FPM64GLSE HD Tune Random Access Results

Super Talent drive was much faster with a random access time of 4.5ms and 111MB/s versus 13ms and 36MB/s on the stock.

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