Sunnytek Mobile Mini Backplane Review

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SunnyTek Mobile Mini Backplane

With the laptop market growing in leaps in bounds over the last few years, the call for mobile external storage is sure to grow with it. SunnyTek has attempted to bridge the gap with its Mini Mobile Back Plane. As SSDs become more commonplace in laptops, the call for larger external storage will grow even more. For those early adopters of the SSD technology, we are often pigeon-held with small hard drives, which for the most part can only store the operating system, so an external hard drive is a must if you want to store more than a few documents. SunnyTek has set the bar high with its mini mobile back plane external hard drive caddy, offering many useful feature and also carrying the title of the first mobile mini back plane currently on the market.

Sunnytek Mobile Mini Backplane

The Mobile Mini Backplane supports:

  • Raid 1 and disk mirroring
  • SATA to USB 2.0 + eSATA Interface
  • Hot Swap Capability
  • Data Redundancy
  • Automatic Data rebuilding
  • OS Independence
  • Security in the form of a lock for disk access
  • Easy DIP Switch for setting RAID: Raid 0,1, Single, Span, Strip, Mirror, SAFE33, SAFE50 or GUI mode
  • Capacity up to 1TB (1HD), 2TB (2HDs)
  • Adjust Fan Speed (High, Low) Options
  • Sensor alarm for overheat & too low speed
  • ROHS ready
  • One-year Warranty

The SunnyTek Mobile Backplane states to be a very capable product for both the laptop user and system administrator who doesn’t have access to anything more than a crash cart. Sporting a tried and true Silicon Image Raid Controller, the SunnyTek Mobile Mini Backplane on paper looks like a very capable device, but is a bit pricey at $135 to $159 depending on the vendor you buy from. 

SunnyTek Mobile Mini Backplane Box

Let’s take a closer look at this backplane to see if it can live up to its specifications.

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