SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth Headset Review

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SH241 Real-World Performance

SouthWing SH241 Side

Working with the SouthWing SH241 was an interesting experience.  We were very impressed by the very loud speaker volume and how each unblocked/unrestricted call received was announced using SouthWing’s Pillow Talk – er…Whisper Mode. Actually, within the course of a couple of rings on the phone, the little voice in your ear recites the 10-digit number completely.  This gives the user enough time to decide whether or not to answer the incoming phone. 

After the phone call comes in to the SH241, voices are quite clear and very loud.  Many times I had to turn the volume down on the headset since the speaking volume was just too uncomfortable.  This is probably the loudest Bluetooth headset I have ever used.  For those of you looking for volume, SouthWing has definitely delivered.

SouthWing SH241 Bottom

When speaking to your party using the SouthWing SH241, make sure you are in a nice quiet environment because this headset does not contain any noise cancellation circuitry or voice enhancement features.  The headset is very harsh to those on the line when there is wind, or even a loud TV or radio on in the background.  On numerous occasions, my party complained about not hearing me clearly when I was walking past a TV or even when there was some construction going on outside and my window was open.  We see here again that when a Bluetooth headset retails for less than around $60, you cannot expect it to do great active noise cancellation.  If this feature is important to you, expect to pay around $80 – $100 for a set.

After using the headset for many hours during the course of the day, I have to say, the headset wasn’t that comfortable.  It wasn’t the fact that the earbud was down your ear, but rather, the ear hook was non-flexible and really didn’t fit my ear that well.  I found myself having to adjust it every time I moved my head around.  This really annoyed me.  It would have been much better if the good folks at SouthWing would have included a more pliable or bendable ear hook.  If not a different material, then maybe an addition ear hook of a different size.

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be complaining since this headset is less around $30.

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