SkyHawk PowerONE 620w Review **UPDATE 3/26**

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Final Thoughts

Yves’ Thoughts

The SkyHawk PowerONE is no slouch, it holds up very well against the 800lb gorilla that is the OCZ PowerStream 520w I compared it with. So the ultimate test, would I recommend this power supply to my friends? The answer is maybe, I would, but with reservations. I think that SkyHawk is offering a very good power supply that has excellent voltage regulation. The PowerONE also has amperage and wattage to spare weighing in at 620w you can hardly call this power supply weak. The PowerONE also has some nice features that you can not find on the PoweStream, such as its modular cabeling system with easy connectors, the 20+4 pin is much more elegant than the 24 to 20 pin adapter that OCZ supplies. The PCI-Express Graphics power connector is also a nice bonus; it would have been nice if SkyHawk included two since people looking at this wattage may also be looking into a SLI motherboard. The PowerONE is also noticeably quieter than the PowerStream, so if noise is an issue for you (I know it is for me when you have 7 computers running 24/7 in your room you notice every fan) then the PowerONE may be a better choice. Where I really feel SkyHawk lets us down is when it comes to the warranty and the mean time between failure. Both seemed low, when you compare to the OCZ 5 years vs. 1, 140,000 hours vs. 80,000. It can however be argued that nether of these matter much as most equipment fails with in the first few weeks it seems, so if its going to break it does well with in either warranty period. So to help sum up my review I wanted to create a little table showing the SkyHawk against its competition.

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The chart shows that SkyHawk has done it; they are offering a competitive product with comparable features for a reasonable price. If the price drops to the lower end of the MSRP or even as low as $75 then I say the SkyHawk PowerONE is an ok buy. If it stays around the top near $99 and up then I have a few more reservations about recommending it quite so strongly. The PowerONE may not be an OCZ killer but it does give the PowerStream a good run for its money literally as you could save as much at $50 and get a comparable power supply. What this power supply lacks in warranty and mean time between failure it makes up for it with options and features that will not break the bank. Pushing your computer to the extreme? Then take a look but it may not work for you. Looking for plenty of power but don?t need a 5 year warranty, and wouldn?t mind some of the handy features? Then this may be your power supply. Want one well SkyHawk claims that the PowerONE will be available from retailers the second week of March.

Legit Bottom Line:

Pending further research, at this time posted a follow up article located here!

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