SkyHawk PowerONE 620w Review **UPDATE 3/26**

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Packaging and Impressions

The SkyHawk PowerONE came in a simple box that as usual touts its features.
To again save on costs SkyHawk has printed the box in both English and I believe
Chinese (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). The sticker in the center clearly
shows that this unit is the 570w with the audio standby feature. While the sticker on the side of the unit says it?s a 620w with audio stand-by.

Inside the box is the usual assortment of cables baggies and such with a few
surprises. While it says on the box that the PowerONE is modular and comes with
Easy connectors its not until you pull the unit out of the box that these features
truly reveal themselves. It was also nice of SkyHawk to include a parelle ribbon
cable for the Audio Standby feature. One of the biggest surprises was the lack
of a silica-gel package, while this may not be a big deal to you; know that
my fetish will not be satisfied until I get my silica-gel package.

The outside material of the PowerONE has a nice brushed look to it. I would
wager that it is anodized aluminum from the feel and weight of the material.
While it does not scratch easy I would suggest some care be taken to no scrape
up the finishing, the PowerONE is not like a cheap generic power supply where
the steal housing will withstand both nephews and atomic explosions. In these
pictures you can also see the two clear fans that cool the unit, one 92mm and
one 80mm fan both with simple chrome grills.

When the SkyHawk PowerONE is powered up the LED’s inside the case light
up giving the clear fans a nice subtle blue color, I tried to show what they
looked like with both the lights on and off so you could get an idea of the
intensity. The two pictures below are of the exhaust fan on the rear of the
power supply.

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