Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution 750W PSU Review

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Testing results (Efficiency, Noise & Thermal)

The Silverstone ST75F-G easily
honors its 80Plus Gold certification, reaching well over 92% efficiency at 50%
load when powered by a 230VAC source and 91.5% efficiency if the input A/C
voltage is reduced to 110VAC. The efficiency remains above 88.4% when the unit
is powered from a 230VAC source and over 87.6% if the A/C voltage is reduced
down to 110VAC.

The thermal performance of the ST75F-G
was mediocre, with the temperature delta going over 12°C at full load, a
significant difference considering the cooling system and efficiency of the
power supply. Although the temperature is not very high, it is considerably
greater than that what we would expect any similar unit to reach. However,
there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, as you will find out in the next

The very conservative cooling
profile which Silverstone programmed in the thermal controller of the ST75F-G
power supply explains the mediocre thermal performance. It would appear that as
long as the temperatures are within safe limits, the controller does not even
bother to speed up the fan. As a result, the ST75F-G remains entirely quiet
even when heavily loaded, reaching audible levels only if the load exceeds 90%
of the unit’s capacity. 

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