SilverStone SST-DC01B Network Data Center Review

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SilverStone SST-DC01B Network Data Center

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As Steve Jobs once famously said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. Certainly, few would accuse SilverStone of being the latter. Since 2003, SilverStone has been at the forefront of the computing industry, committed to creating unique, innovative products aimed squarely at the PC enthusiast community. As an industry leader, SilverStone pushes the envelope with new computing solutions, exploring new ways of making the digital lives of enthusiasts and professionals alike easier and more convenient.

SilverStone SST-DC01

As we become ever more intertwined with the 1’s and 0’s that govern our digital lives, our insatiable need for digital content is matched only by the connectivity that we demand to access it. It was not so long ago that the thought of accessing our digital library through our TV or game console was but fanciful thinking. In an age where even the smallest portable device can quickly access and download hundreds of thousands of songs, movies and other content, a central repository to manage and store it all became a necessary byproduct of our digital media appetite.

Providing enthusiasts with an easy to use and feature rich network attached storage (NAS) device to solve these storage and accessibility issues is the SilverStone SST-DC01. For the uninitiated, NAS devices provide on-demand data storage and retrieval duties for clients attached to a network. NAS units might be as simple as a box with a number of hard drives in it, to more complex systems that contain bootable operating systems with full-blown GUI’s. The SST-DC01 falls into this latter category, offering a full suite of convenient features.

Retailing for $145.00 at Amazon, the SST-DC01 represents SilverStones’ first foray into the SATA-based NAS market; their last NAS device, the SilverStone NS312, supported EIDE hard drives only. Marketed as a “network data center”, the SST-DC01 utilizes a dual core ARM 11 processor and onboard memory to provide data storage and accessibility options one sees only in more expensive NAS solutions. With a 1-year warranty, the SST-DC01 looks to serve up some advanced features for a minimal investment. Let’s find out if it can dish out the goods!

SilverStone SST-DC01B Network Data Center Specifications:

SilverStone SST-DC01B Specifications
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