Rosewill R6XR8-BK Black ATX Computer Case Review

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Internal Impressions

R6XR8-BK Inside

Getting into the case was easy. Just unlatch the 2 spring loaded clips and you are in. Rosewill designed this case with a screwless design in mind and I will tell you what, they sure delivered. Everything except the power supply bay of course is a screwless design.

R6XR8-BK Drive Bay Clips

Starting out, the 5.25in bays are a snap and release design. Putting an optical drive in a bay is as easy as just sliding it in. Taking it out is just as simple, push the button and it comes out, simple, huh?

R6XR8-BK Drive Bay Clips

Moving down, the hard drive rails also are a screwless design. Each rail slides out allowing you to mount a hard drive in the rail with the rubber grommets and sliding it back in. Now, this process requires bending the plastic on 2 different levels, one: bending the front handled to remove the drive rail, and two: bending the rail to put the drive in. I can’t imagine this process not taking a toll on the plastic over time if you are one to go through drives like mad. I really don’t think its anything to worry about since most of us only have a few drives that we set and forget.


Moving up to the power supply bay, this of course isn’t a screwless design, and I don’t think you will find a case anytime soon that is. There appears to be plenty of room for even those bigger PSU’s like the ThermalTake ToughPower power supplies.

R6XR8-BK Accessories

Like any good case manufacturer, Rosewill was kind enough to supply a baggie of motherboard standoffs and screws. This is always nice to extras of laying around.

Overall, there is plenty of room to work, even for a mid tower case. Rosewill was kind enough to label the motherboard screw holes for the different style motherboards. As far as video card space goes, if you are a proud owner of a larger video card like the Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX, this case will not work out for you as there is not enough space between the back of the chassis and the hard drive bays. If you must have this case however, you can always remove the hard drive cage and mount your hard drives in the 5.25 bay.

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